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Legacy Safeguard Webinar-8/19/19 @ 10:00

The Achievement Group Presents: Increase your income.. With Legacy Safeguard


Mon, Aug 19, 2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CDT


As a follow up to last months event on the NGL Funeral Trust it’s time for business building! …. The LEGACY SAFEGUARD exclusive turn-key sales & marketing system Legacy Safeguard not only offers comprehensive legacy planning services to members, we also provide a turn-key marketing system to help you meet with more clients and close more sales!


Our comprehensive marketing system includes:

• Complete Referral System

• Innovative Lead Programs

• Comprehensive Marketing Guides

• Client Presentation DVD Video

• How to estimate final expenses and a 3 option close

• Legacy Safeguard University

• And much more!


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6/21 SecureCare Webinar

Tax-advantaged dollars for LTC sales ideas

According to conventional wisdom, one of the key differences between a traditional long-term care (LTC) policy and a hybrid LTC policy is that traditional LTC insurance premiums are deductible, while hybrid policy premiums are not. But SecureCare Universal Life wasn’t built to follow conventional wisdom – it was built to defy it. SecureCare utilizes an innovative hybrid policy design that gives clients the potential to deduct LTC premiums, while also providing a cash indemnity LTC benefit, guaranteed death benefit, multiple premium payment options, reduced paid-up benefit, and the most robust international benefits in the industry. Funding a LTC strategy with tax-advantaged dollars could be a game-changing opportunity – for both clients and advisors. Ready to discover the SecureCare difference? Use our tax strategy starter kit to begin:


Register here for our webinar training on Thursday, 6/21 at 9:30 a.m. CST…/regist…/WN_XW6ShAAXQh-SMYlwxBPQkw



Annuicare Webinar Training 5/23 9:30-10:00

Annuicare Webinar Training

Thursday, May 23rd

9:30-10:00 CST

Reserve your webinar seat and get the deets.



Register Now and Give Abbey a Call. 

(866) 845-5292 or register via email at


5/21 West Des Moines: "Focus On" Sales Tour

Welcome to the "Focus On" Sales Tour

Join the leaders and be the leader with:

  • James Romero of Securian Finanical (MN Life). Learn the how's and why's of Asset Based (Life) LTC. Money Guard and One America help blaze this trail...Securian is making it a hi-way...
  • Cary Carny of Guarantee Income Life will shed light on marketing the leader in Annuity Based LTC Protection. This is the one that turns One Annuity Dollar into Three for LTC. + An update to their potent MYGA's issued to age 100.
  • Your TAG staff; John Reich and Brad Tison to share the latest in living benefits Term Life. Dustin Weaver, TAG Lead Programs.

West Des Moines, IA

Tuesday, May 21st

Johnny's Steakhouse

West Des Moines, IA

11:00-1:15 PM


Space is limited: Call Abbey at (866) 845-5292 or register via email at